Awagami Kozo Double Layered pack shot

Awagami Kozo Double Layered A3+ 10 sheets

Awagami Kozo Double Layered A3+ 10 sheets

  • 90gsm paper
  • Kozo (mulberry) fibres
  • Designed to be peeled apart for extra thin prints
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Kozo Double Layered is a 90gsm two-layered paper designed to be peeled apart for extra-thin prints. Its printable side comprises 100% kozo fibre. A back peel-away sheet back is made from wood pulp and discarded after peeling the print. After peeling, the printed sheet will be approximately 1/3 third the original thickness. This very unique product is typically used for fine art, backlit photography, and reproduction of fine art prints, scrolls and antique replicas.

To separate the layers after printing, Awagami recommends separating from one corner fist and attaching to middle of a tube or cylinder. Then slowly roll the tube with paper across the sheet to gently pull the layers apart as you roll. See the instructional video below.

An alternative method is to peel apart the backing paper from all four corners, working towards the middle of the sheet in small stages. For smaller prints, this technique avoids curling of the edge of the sheet (see below).